Welcome to the new
Ian Murphy Art website

We hope you like the new format we have introduced for you to be able to see a larger range of his artwork, both past and present, starting with the all important sketches he makes on location through to the exciting textured drawings and paintings produced in his studio.

As always we are keen to give you the best experience possible to view and study the images, and our high resolution images will allow you to see the clarity of marks, brush strokes and subtle textures that are so intrinsic to his creative practice.

Ian Murphy in Studio
Palazzo 2

To ensure you get the best possible experience with your visit to the site we have also worked with Ian Murphy to produce a profile page were he answers some of the key questions recently put to him by a group of students. Giving you an overview of his career and his important creative strategies, our discussions helped to illuminate the important ‘Why’, and How’ questions based around his practice.

Even a simple suggestion – could he give his insight into the artworks in the gallery.

Only glad to oblige, we have worked together to build a series of short descriptions sitting alongside each image, to help give a relevant snippet of information to better help understand his creative thought process.

Breaking new ground - Collecting your own Ian Murphy artwork

We are also pleased to announce that this is the very first time that we are making Ian Murphy’s artwork available for sale online.

Throughout his career his work has been added to many private and public collections all over the world through the traditional private view and exhibition system, and as such, an opportunity to own a piece of his artwork his very much limited to your accessibility to the gallery.

In today’s fast and accessible digital world, Ian Murphy’s fan base is now reaching far and wide around the globe, and to support the growth in his popularity we are pleased to offer you the first time ever, the opportunity to purchase direct from his studio here in the UK.

If this is an opportunity you feel too good to miss, please fill in the form below and we will forward you  the price list of all the original artworks available for sale at this moment.

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Limited Edition Prints

Not ready to own an original Ian Murphy’s?

For those of you not quite ready to start your own private collection of original Ian Murphy’s, again we are pleased to announce another ‘first’. Our new site offers you the opportunity to buy your favourite painting or drawing as a limited edition print.
Again in collaboration with Ian Murphy we have agreed to strictly limit the numbers of each print, and therefore guarantee that you really are getting a genuine Fine Art product of the highest available quality.


Artefact Series

Buy limited edition prints from Ian Murphy's Artefact Series


Far East Series

Buy limited edition prints from Ian Murphy's Far East Series


Sketchbook Series

Buy limited edition prints from Ian Murphy's Sketchbook Series


Venice Series

Buy limited edition prints from Ian Murphy's Venice Series