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Ian Murphy 

fine artist

‘Silent Walkway’ , 2010.jpg


Ian Murphy is a UK based Fine artist of 30 years, known for his passion for journeys, inspiring his artworks. The rugged and eroded landscape, both natural and the constructed, feature strongly in his visual stimulus, as he seeks to investigate the environments that fracture and decay to get the best ideas for his mixed media canvases in the studio. 

 His work fits beautifully within the realms of romanticist traditions of western oil painting, with a rich stimulus coming from his many journeys around the world, the results embrace an exciting, eclectic mix of surface abstraction and atmospheric identity.



 “I’ve always believed that my artwork should harness all my creative

thinking, things like identity, mood and narrative, are all important

ingredients in my paintings, and in some shape or form become features

that my audience can peruse or discover for themselves…”



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